Link Lifespan Disclaimer

Link lifespan refers to the duration for which a particular hyperlink remains functional and directs users to the intended page or resource.

Websites get revamped, pages get restructured, businesses might go offline, and domains can change hands. As a result, a link that was once valid could lead to a “404 Not Found” error, redirect to a different page, website, or irrelevant content.

We provide numerous links—whether to external sites, reference materials, downloadable resources, or other parts of our own own website. Each link at the time has the intention of enhancing the user experience, providing additional information, or facilitating navigation. At the time of publishing or updating any content, we ensure the relevance, accuracy, and functionality of these links.

Given the sheer volume of content on our website and the frequency of external changes, monitoring the functionality of every single link in real-time is an impractical.
It’s essential for visitors to understand that while a hyperlink serves as a bridge to another piece of content, the stability and longevity of this bridge are not guaranteed. Visitors are encouraged to exercise discretion when following links.

It’s always a good practice to be aware of the domain you’re being redirected to and ensure that it aligns with your intended search.

Browsers or third-party tools might store older versions of web pages, leading to discrepancies between the live content and cached versions. In such scenarios, a link that has been recently updated or fixed on our website might still appear broken or redirect incorrectly when accessed through cached versions. We disclaim responsibility for any inconvenience, confusion, or potential harm arising from non-functional or altered links.

Mobile Usability Disclaimer

We are committed to providing all our users with an accessible and optimized experience across various devices. As a part of this commitment, we’ve developed a mobile-friendly version of our website to ensure that our content is available to users on all devices.

The mobile version of or website is designed to be more streamlined and adapted for smaller screens. As a result, certain elements, graphics, or features present on the desktop version might be adjusted, simplified, or excluded to enhance mobile usability.

Some functionalities and features that are accessible and operational on the desktop version might not be available or might work differently on mobile devices. This is done to ensure faster loading times, smoother navigation, and better overall user experience on mobile.

The way content is presented on mobile may differ from its desktop counterpart. While we strive to maintain consistency, the nature of mobile devices might necessitate content reorganization or resizing for optimal display.

The performance of the mobile version can vary based on the user’s device, its specifications, screen size, and the internet connection. We optimize for a broad range of devices, but discrepancies in display or performance can still occur.

We continually work to enhance the mobile experience and adapt to new technologies and user expectations. As such, the mobile version of our site may undergo frequent updates or modifications.

By accessing our website on a mobile device, you acknowledge and accept the variations and limitations mentioned above. We recommend users who wish to access the full range of our site’s features to do so using a desktop or laptop computer.