Anti-Spam Policy

Spam refers to any unrequested email termed as “junk mail” or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). A majority of individuals have encountered unsolicited emails from unidentified senders in their email inboxes. We send emails solely to individuals who have explicitly given consent to be recipients, thereby conforming to standard permission-based email practices.

Our website adheres to a strict no-spam tolerance policy towards spam. Email sent from our end is contingent upon users completing an “opt-in” mechanism or expressly demonstrating interest in our offerings.

We sollect email addresses via advertising, collaborative marketing ventures, and referrals. Our intent is to forge relationships with individuals eager to explore our offerings and voluntarily enroll for our content and communication.

All automated emails sent from our email service platform incorporate an “unsubscribe” option, which is automatically placed at the bottom of each email sent.

Each email transmitted by our platform offers recipients the choice to “unsubscribe” ensuring they can opt out from any subsequent communication from our end at any time.